the dumbing down of a daydream enthusiast

i could of used you around this week..

you always knew when it was time to come running..

just know that i love you,

but love’s such a simile..

screeching weasel - identity crisis

i’ve been trying to think back to a time when i knew who i was. when i knew what i stood for, what i believed in, what i held as my highest priority. when i knew where my head was at, where my loyalties were, and what moral code i chose to live by.

somewhere in the past i-don’t-know-how-long, i’ve lost all sense of it. i don’t remember any of it. each passing day, i’m aging. supposedly becoming more and moreso “who i am.” how is it that i’ve become so detached from ev-er-y-thing that once meant ev-er-y-thing to me and no longer have the slightest inclination as to who the fuck the person staring back at me in the mirror is. 

where did i go? where am i going? who the fuck am i..


i miss writing.

the telephone yells out at me to wake..

i won’t be blamed for someone else’s mistakes. 

this is our song.